anttene high7mtr dipool open federShak on campfire evening on 31-3-2023
no QSO
i-com 706 mk2g LL.tuner S-match a swr a power mtr
pc voor digimode on XP dubbel srem
ld vising geatstartdag 10 sep2017
day 9 2015
sn the anker on the ragar-tee-trien on 27 -9-2009 had the wintersons also geve aham demo workinging wicht 11 mtr dipool hing in the inthethree s. a working on the also the ragar tee trien on the 4-10 i geve a demostaratsion wicht my mobbiel rig i-com 706 -mk g2 100 watt pep
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