oa on 14.188.15 h 59 +40db w swl time 11.48/12.00 working wicht a c anttene.working a station on name on freg 14.194.49 on usb h59,8 w5.9 time 13.04 working wicht a c antenne .a working a station a wis not hes calls.............. on freg 14.182.44 h 57 w 58 time 13.12 working wicht a c anttene on usb power 100 watt .

working a station pa0ll h57,9 w working wicht a radio at low power watt50

the old synagoge on myn  a old city where ai i also gave a ham demonstration. on the 26-9-2014

working wicht c-antnene a dipole. myn C anttene on a fiching tup high 7 mtr c diopole anttene high 4.50mtr 2x wire son the  21-9-2014 at the"regenboog "we had the wintersaesons i kon gave a radio demonstion wicht myn rig: icom 706 mk2 wicht a anttene tuner ll C-antenne diopole on a vising tupp high 7mtr .

working station s: pa0ll h59 w5 0 freg7.100 lsb myn radio at lower power.

n 22 sept 2013 AT"REGENBOOG'' we had the wintersaesons starday of our churh i gave a demonstion  wiht my mobiele  rig : s match tuner  working my symetcric vertial dipole high 7 mtr on a vising tup a radio ICOM 706mk g2

working station s :gb0br on freg 7,105,71 on 14.06 hour. h5,9 w 5.9 with qrm.

listening to station :on freg 7,089,00 on 15.40 hour .  h 5,9 20+ db  w 0.0   on 23th of september 2012 we had the winterseasons startday at "REGENBOOG"wher i also a HAM demonstration.a had 6 vistors.woring station s freg 7.051 station pd2eln also listening report swl 5.5/7  station g2nnr 7.128.72 hij swl report 5.5 to listening .

a working wicht open -line feeder 450 ohm 15 mtr. my symetric  dipole high 7mtr,anttene.

om 25 th september 2011 i working  my symetric vertial, dipole 7 mtr high and mobile also working i used 1 vhf anttene HB4CV used  with 2mtr = 145,00 mhz high 5.50 mrt on a vising tup.

on 25 september 2011 we had the winterseasons starday of our church at"REGENBOOG" i gave  a demonstrion with my  mobiele rig .

working station" s: dd3cf, pa0ll,gb4rs, bg0ab,dk1icb,dk0nu,dk0neu=club-station,gb2mr = swl,gb2bwr .working on 40mhz and dx,


ON 27 th september 2009  we had the winterseasons starday at " the Anker " where i also gave  a HAM-radio

demonstration i working my 11mtr symetric dipole hanging i to trees .on the Ragar -tee-trien.

my working station s :gb2adu,gb5xw ,pa3cdu   ,pa0lll working on 40mhz.

on the 4 th  september  2010 on the Ragar-tee-trien  wherei gave a  HAM demonstation working  my symeric dipole 2x 11mtr hanging in to the theese. working on 40mhz.

My 2 x 21 mtr dipole with open-line feeder, also called 'kippenladder'.


my 21mtr symetric dipole 10mrt pvc owl and a crow sitting on the boom.

Behind the whaether vane is my verticiaal antenna wicht a 2 mtr 145mhz and also 70 mc 430 mc section.

you can also see my verticaal 1 scanner antenna behind the mast,at a height of 5 mtr . 

6th to 12th February 2011: My symetric vertical dipole, 7mtr high, with a dipole
of 8.50mtr (2x 4.50m) for mobile use.


During this week of celebration of our church at 'De Regenboog' I gave a demonstration with my mobile rig.


On 27th of September 2009 we had the winterseasons startday at 'Het Anker',
where I also gave a HAM demonstration.


During the winterseasons startday I used my 7meter high
vertical mobile antenna, which contains a symetric dipole.


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